4 Points to Consider When Putting Together an In-House SEO Team

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, it pays to use SEO to increase online visibility and generate targeted customers. Here are the most important factors to consider when building an in-house SEO team. Click here to learn more about SEO.

1. Learn about their SEO experience

Of course, you’d want to have team members who already have experience in SEO. Doing so cuts down your costs significantly as you wouldn’t have to train every single member about the SEO basics. If your budget permits, you can hire an expert who will lead your new team in all matters concerning your search engine rankings.

2. Consider investing in SEO training

SEO training seminars and workshops cost quite a bit of money, but they can prove to yield excellent returns in the long run. You should also consider the fact that SEO constantly evolves, so these courses should get your team up to speed about what strategies work.

3. Think about social media as well

Most companies still separate their SEO and social media departments. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but it’s critical to ensure that both of them work in cohesion as you try to reach your business goals. This is why you might want to include a social media expert in your team as well. Doing so makes it easier to align all of your SEO efforts with your social media campaigns.

4. Be flexible

SEO is such a dynamic field that you must always be on your toes to keep up. Be sure to monitor the performance of your in-house SEO team and make changes as you see fit. For instance, you might need to hire more content marketing experts to create more compelling posts and videos about your business. Things might start slowly at first, but give it time and you might soon realize the impact of having your very own SEO team.

3 Techniques Used In Organic SEO

Organic SEO is the process of using techniques to encourage the natural evolution of increasing search engine rankings. These techniques are all in-line with search engine protocols and therefore will have no negative implications.

3 Techniques used in Organic SEO include:

1. Regular Content Addition

Search engine algorithms constantly send out bots called spiders to crawl the Worldwide Web looking for new web pages to return and be indexed. Adding content regularly therefore results in a website being crawled more often which in turn reflects positively on the ranking. It is recommended for new content to be added at least once a day to be of the greatest benefit in the form of blog posts, articles, FAQ’s, testimonials and so on.

2. Keyword Identification And Analysis

Using optimal keywords in the right way is critical to growing a search engine ranking. Identify keywords that are most likely to be entered by internet users as well as niche keywords that will set website apart from the competition. The keyword (or phrase) should be used in the title of the content as well as throughout the body – every 300 to 500 words ideally in the first and/or last paragraph. The keyword should never compromise the flow of the content and using it too often will result in penalties. Visit this site to learn more.

3. Link Building

There are three types of links – obtained links, internal links, and external links. Backlinks or internal links direct users to pages on the same website and should be used sparingly and only if relevant. External links go to other websites that provide further information – preferably authority sites on the topic or where the information was sourced from. Obtained links are contained on other websites and direct users to the website that contains the new content. All three these links are essential in allowing spiders to find new pages to be indexed.